XSLT Generator Maven plugin

The XSLT Generator Maven plugin generates files using an XSL transformation.

It supports the following ways of use:

  • Convert a set of source files in a directory structure to a corresponding set of destination files in the same destination directory structure. Each source file produces exactly 1 corresponding destination file by applying the XSL template to the source file. This is termed "many to many" transformation.
  • Convert a set of source files to destination files created dynamically by the XSL template. The XSL template uses the xsl:result-document command to create destination file(s) on-the-fly from each source file fed to it. This is called "many to dynamic" transformation.
  • Convert a set of source files to a single destination file. The multiple source files are handed over to the XSL template via a parameter - the template uses the document() function to load the content of the source files. A distinct (single) source file can also be specified, in which case the transformation effectively "enriches" the single source file with the content taken from the set of (multiple) source files. This is the "many to one" transformation.

Goals Overview

The XSLT Generator Maven plugin has the following goals, each corresponding to a way of use:

To skip generation of up-to-date files (leading to performance optimization), configure also the following goals (see "Optimize performance" example below):

Stylesheet and source files resolution

The XSLT Generator Maven plugin resolves XSL stylesheets and source files also from Maven dependencies of the project. The details of files resolution are specified here.


XSLT Generator Maven plugin is hosted by Sourceforge.net, see XSLT Generator Maven plugin at Sourceforge.net.